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Hiccups Season 2 on CTV

Hiccups Season 2 on CTV

The Internet is Inter-Now!

Here at Sparrow Media Co. we have an uncanny ability to spot hot new trends. And our pick for the future is the Internet. This series of interconnected computers allows people to gather and/or exchange information at an alarmingly disorienting pace. We don't claim to like it, but it's the wave of tomorrow, and we're going to be right there at the cutting edge of the movement, with our very own "website."

Here at www.sparrowmedia.com (NOTE TO USER: no spaces between the words) we want to keep you informed about all the various entertainment projects we're currently working on. Use your cursor controlling device to roll over the various items on the page and you will be whisked away electronically to other spots under the Sparrow umbrella. Buckle up kids. The future is knocking and it means business.

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