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Vancouver Province — Oct 24th, 2010

Just a few Hiccups to Season 2 for Brent Butt, Nancy Robertson

Success of Corner Gas hard act to follow but comedy is standing on its own.

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Stock Market Review — June 3rd, 2010

CTV announces 2010/2011 television package including renewing Hiccups for a second season

HICCUPS and DAN FOR MAYOR (Season 2) The No.1 and No.2 new comedies of the year, Canadian or American, have almost doubled the average audience of MODERN FAMILY.

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Channel Canada — March 2nd, 2010

CTV's Hiccups and Dan for Mayor Debut with 1.9 Million Viewers Each

CTV's newest homegrown comedies, HICCUPS and DAN FOR MAYOR, premiered to 1.9 million viewers each last night, becoming the most watched premieres of any scripted Canadian series this season. The two new series won the 8 - 9 p.m. timeslot against both HOUSE (Global/FOX, 1.3 million) and the season finale of THE BACHELOR (City/ABC, 1.3 million, 8-9p.m. ET.)

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The Vancouver Province — March 1st, 2010

Corner Gas star refuels with new supporting cast

The last time Brent Butt created a TV series, he launched an ensemble of players into six years of regular series work and beyond. Corner Gas made us all higher profile," says Nancy Robertson, who met and married costar Butt while working on that show in Saskatchewan.

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TV Guide — March 1st, 2010

Life after 'Gas'

"I am aware that everyone will use Corner Gas as a yardstick, and I know that would naturally happen," Butt says on the line from Vancouver, where he's putting the finishing post-production touches on the last of 13 episodes.

"The characters are different, the setting is different... it's fast-paced and conversation-driven. I think that if you like Corner Gas, you'll likely like Hiccups. I'm not sure why you wouldn't."

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The Vancouver Province — March 1st, 2010

Moving forward with nary a Hiccup

Brent Butt was sporting a cast on his left arm as he directed an episode of his new sitcom Hiccups last fall at a Hotel Vancouver ballroom. The actor-director-writer had been watching a football game at home the previous weekend, and meant to run upstairs for a snack during a commercial. Instead, he tripped on the stairs and broke two fingers. The broken digits had to be written into the show, in which Butt co-stars as Stan Dirko, the well-meaning but unqualified life coach to eccentric children's author Millie Upton (Butt's wife Nancy Robertson).

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Toronto Star — Feb 28th, 2010

Corner Gas stars out from behind Butt

Those of us who have, comedically speaking, been running on fumes for almost a year will be relieved to hear that the pumps at Corner Gas are back up and running. Sort of.

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The Globe and Mail — Feb 26th, 2010

Enjoying the ride, but wary of professional hiccups

Nancy Robertson explains how she handles success and working with her husband, Brent Butt.

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Georgia Straight — Feb 25th, 2010

Corner Gas team gives sitcom viewers Hiccups

As a Canadian comic, you couldn't be dealt a better hand than the one Brent Butt has been playing. After six seasons of writing, producing, and acting in the much-loved series Corner Gas, Butt and his team voluntarily closed up shop, walking away with multiple Gemini awards and the industry clout of having been broadcast in more than two dozen countries.

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Winnipeg Free Press — Feb 24th, 2010

Brent Butt's 'Hiccups' introduces urban take on quirky lovable losers

For obvious reasons, the comedic tone on "Hiccups" will be familiar to "Gas" fans, says Robertson, who adds that the new series is just different enough to woo them into following a new band of lovable losers.

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Montreal Gazette — Feb 24th, 2010

From Gas to Hiccups

Pressure, what pressure? Brent Butt, the laid-back creator, storyteller and comedian-in-chief of Corner Gas, feels no pressure to top his past performance with his new comedy Hiccups, featuring Corner Gas' Nancy Robertson as Millie Upton, an ill-tempered - make that "socially challenged" - author of children's books

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Leader Post — Feb 24th, 2010

New Show for 'Corner Gas' Pair

Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson were part of a star ensemble cast on CTV's hit comedy Corner Gas. During the show's record-breaking run the duo also got married. Now, they're back on screen together in a new CTF-funded TV series called Hiccups.

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Toronto Sun — Feb 24th, 2010

Robertson nervous of 'Hiccups' role

Fans of Robertson and her hubby Brent Butt are going to have to get used to them in a new TV show, starting Monday, March 1 on CTV. That's the day Hiccups debuts, with Robertson and Butt teaming up for a post-Corner Gas kick at the sitcom can.

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Metro News — Feb 23rd, 2010

Corner Gas alums reunite with few Hiccups

Created by Butt, Hiccups focuses on Millie Upton, the writer of Grumpaloos, a hugely successful series of children's books.

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CTV Media — Feb 9th, 2010

Viewers No Longer Need to Hold Their Breath: CTV Original Series Hiccups Premieres March 1

Prolonged laughter is often the cause of Hiccups. This isn't news for Hiccups creator and writer Brent Butt: his latest brainchild, and CTV's newest original series, premieres Monday, March 1 at 8 p.m. ET (visit to confirm local broadcast times). The 13-part, half-hour comedy series stars Nancy Robertson as Millie Upton, a successful children's author who's prone to flying off the handle, and features Brent Butt as Stan Dirko, Millie's less-than-qualified life-coach. Together, they work through Millie's...err...unpredictable spasms, and lead the laughs on CTV's two-hour Monday night comedy block.

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Reel West — Jan/Feb, 2010

Urban Development

How do you follow up the most successful comedy in Canadian history? Brent Butt moved from rural Saskatchewan and Corner Gas to a publishing house in Vancouver and Hiccups, which stars Nancy Robertson as a children's author with anger issues. He says that although the show is more urban than his fans might have expected, he believes they will make the journey with him from the prairies to the coast.

Download the Article (PDF) — Feb 2nd, 2010

CTV Release: Olympic Games Launch Pad for Three New CTV Original Series

CTV announced today it has strategically scheduled three new original Canadian series to debut next month, immediately following the conclusion of the VANCOUVER 2010 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES. The three series will benefit from weeks of promotion during what is to be one of the most-watched television events of the year.

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Vancouver Province — Nov 1st, 2009

It's Better to Have Hiccups at Home

Nancy Robertson is making a point about Millie Upton, the emotionally volatile children's book author she plays in the new TV comedy Hiccups, when the comic actor is distracted by her six-month-old puppy Oliver, who has found something to gnaw on. "Millie is somebody that's always been -- sorry, the show bra, my wardrobe bra is being chewed by my dog."

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