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Hiccups Season 2 on CTV



In Hiccups, Nancy Robertson (Wanda from Corner Gas) plays Millie Upton – a popular children's author who just happens to have anger issues and several other emotional "hiccups." On a whim, Millie impulsively enlists the aid of a life coach Stan Dirko (played by Brent Butt). Unfortunately, Stan isn't a particularly good life coach. In fact, Millie is his first client ever. So, essentially we have a woman with no idea how to behave, being guided by someone who has no idea what he's doing. It's the lost leading the lost, with the best of intentions, high expectations, and very little success. (But a lot of laughs.)

Brent Butt Comedy Special

Brent Butt Comedy Special on CTV

The Brent Butt Comedy Special

In the tradition of the classic variety shows of the 60's and 70's Sparrow Media is hard at work developing a variety special hosted by Brent Butt and featuring guests from the worlds of music, film and television. The show will feature comedy sketches, musical guests, dancing bears and lots of Brent Butt (Ed note: dancing bears may not be available due to budgetary reasons). The Brent Butt Variety Show will be going into production in late April 2010 with a yet to be announced airdate on CTV television.